Publishers and Affiliate Marketers: Do you have PC Ebooks that
can't be read anymore and you're losing income because of
Windows XP with the SP2 upgrade?
Ebook Enthusiasts: Are you frustrated that all those great Ebooks
on your computer don't work anymore because you upgraded
your Windows XP with SP2?
We have good news for you, now there's...

"PC Ebook Fixer"

Makes Your PC Ebooks Work Again
At The Push Of A Single Button

From:   Mark Hendricks

RE:        PC Ebook Fixer for Windows XP and SP2

Dear Friend:

What a surprise I got when I started getting customers telling me my PC based ebooks didn't work anymore?

I thought it was just a simple "user error" or a download problem.

Boy, was I in for a shock!

It turns out there was something common to each of these reports.

These people all had Windows XP and have added the SP2 upgrade.

The SP2 pack fixes some security holes and other stuff in Windows XP...

BUT -- it also makes thousands of ebooks
not work anymore in the process!

And these thousands of ebooks are sitting on who knows how many thousands or millions of PC computers around the world.

And each ebook contains valuable information you want, and links to websites and recommended resources too.

Man oh man, what a mess!

I knew I had to do something about this...and FAST!

"And I knew you'd be interested in the solution too!"

So I got in touch with my buddy Nick Temple.

I told Nick what had happened and asked him what could we do for my readers and everybody else too.

I gotta tell you, that Nick is one sharp guy.

The next morning we were testing and tweaking this new little software tool he put together that we call...

"PC Ebook Fixer"

Here's how it works:

  • You just open up this little bitty PC Ebook Fixer program before you want to read your PC ebooks, click a single button and PC Ebook Fixer tells WinXP SP2 to let your ebooks work
  • You can then enjoy reading and using your ebooks just like you used to do before you upgraded to SP2
  • After you're done, simply click one other button in PC Ebook Fixer to Reset your WinXP SP2 settings back to their default settings (you will be reminded to do this before closing PC Ebook Fixer)

It's really that simple, just click a button and most PC ebooks work again.

Now I've got to tell you, Microsoft is hopefully working on a fix for this, but sometimes they don't move real quick on getting things fixed for a seemingly small problem like this, so it's up to other knowledgeable people to help you find a solution to your problem, in case they take a long time, or never get it fixed.

So how much does PC Ebook Fixer cost?

At first we thought we should charge $67.00 for individuals to get a copy for their personal use.

Then we thought about letting publishers and affiliate marketers sell the PC Ebook Fixer to their customers.

But if you think about it for a second, if you bought or were given an ebook from someone, would you want to pay to read it?

Not hardly, right?

So here's what we came up with.

We have two versions of PC Ebook Fixer

One version is for individual PC ebook enthusiasts and for their personal use only.

And a second version is for Publishers of PC ebooks which can be rebranded and given to their customers and readers as a gift.

The Publisher version allows you to customize the ebook with your company name and slogan line, a link to your website, and an affiliate link to refer people back to this page with your affiliate ID embedded for viral backend sales of PC Ebook Fixer and all other products at too.

We've been told that PC Ebook Fixer is worth a lot of money to some publishers and affiliate marketers who have their backend offers and affiliate links embedded in the ebooks they've sold or given away, so what would that be worth to someone who is used to making a steady stream of backend sales from their PC ebooks.

We thought $297.00 would be a great deal for publishers and affiliates in this situation, but we decided to give you an even better deal today. If you agree to provide customer support to those individuals you give this software tool to, you can get your rebrandable copy of PC Ebook Fixer for only $47.

We provide the simple to follow instructions for individuals to use it, and you answer any little questions that come up from your customers and subscribers (of course, we'll answer your questions you send us, we just can't afford at this low price to provide all individual users with personal support, that's why we ask that they contact you and you answer them back...and we give you a price break of $200.00).

The Personal Use version is only $19
and the Publisher version is only $47


I purchased and downloaded your "E-Book Fixer" program (the personal edition was all I could afford at the moment) immediately upon receiving your E-mail ....

I have a collection of E-Books (350+) and I was most upset to find I was unable to access any of them a short time ago. Due to the nature of the Internet (and the fact that I have a permanent connection), I had upgraded my Standard XP Professional installation and added SP2 .... that's when my troubles started.

Many of the E-Books I have are tools I was using on a regular basis as part of my online marketing; either as active marketing tools, or for the valuable information they contained, all of a sudden, NONE of them worked .... just as I was pining over all those wasted dollars (I thought the sites had gone offline) ... I got your email.

After installing and using your nifty little tool I am happy to report that all books are now accessible (BIG sigh of relief). As soon as funds allow, I WILL be upgrading my personal License .... I know the contacts I have will find this tool invaluable also. Well worth the investment.

Karen Causby-Stingel
Brisbane QLD Australia


I downloaded an ebook recently and some of the pages wouldn't work. Quite frustrating. Along comes Market-Soft's PC Ebook Fixer with a very reasonable price for a single user license, download, run and test the ebook again and ... it works! First it didn't work, now it does. Whatever the PC Ebook Fixer did, it did it right. Good work!

Yvan Bamping

Hey Mark and Nick,

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your having taken the time to develop and make available the PC Ebook Fixer!

As you know, I've got a half dozen or so popular ebooks on the market, that ALL of a suddenly stopped working!

I started getting emails from understandably upset customers, and I've been pulling my hair out over what to do. It looked like I was going to have to redo all of them in a PDF format. Until Now...

Your PC Ebook Fixer is incredibly easy to use, and works like a charm! You've just saved me a LOT of work, and my customers a LOT of grief!

Thanks a Bunch Guys...I owe ya one ;o)

Len Thurmond
Editor of The Affiliate Review

I sell and resell info products from my websites, and for some time (since Windows XP SP2) I have not been able to promote and sell ebooks in .EXE format. How could I sell these when I could not read these books and evaluate them myself? And how could I hand over the ebooks in .EXE format to prospects and customers if they might not be able to read them?

But now - with the amazing PC Ebook Fixer - this serious problem for me has been efficiently solved. I can now distribute these ebooks and rest assured that they work well also on the hard disks of my prospects and customers.

Many thanks to Mark and Nick for this great goodie. ;-)

Eigil Tiedgen
Skanderborg DK Denmark

Disclosure: The people who provide testimonials for this website are not paid for their comments. These comments are from their personal experience and not to be taken as what you will experience. Only you will be responsible for your results. If these people promote the ISS program to others they are compensated with an affiliate commission if the people they refer to the site signup as a paying member.

"We Want You To Be Happy...Here's
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

I have this rule around here, I don't want any unhappy customers.

You see, we've tried PC Ebook Fixer on a variety of ebooks, and it works on all the ones we've tried, so far. There's a lot of variations out there in the PC ebook world, so that's why I include...

My personal guarantee...

If you're not completely satisfied with PC Ebook
Fixer, then delete if from your computer, and
let me know you'd like a refund within 45 days,
and your money is right back to you quick

Please Note: This Offer Is Limited

We reserve the right to increase the price and reduce the number sold, or even stop selling the PC Ebook Fixer at any time, so if you don't get it now and you come back later, you may find the price has gone up, or you may not be able to buy the PC Ebook Fixer at all.

Click Here To Order The PUBLISHER Version Now For Only $297 $47
(all major credit cards and online checks accepted through our secure ordering system)

Click Here To Order The PERSONAL USE Version Only $67 $19
(all major credit cards and online checks accepted through our secure ordering system)

We're excited to bring this software tool to you, and know you'll be delighted with your purchase today.


Mark Hendricks

P.S. If you're a Publisher or an Affiliate marketer, you're probably noticing a drop in your sales from links in your PC ebooks already, and it's only going to get worse as more people upgrade to WinXP Sp2. The PC Ebook Fixer gives you a chance as the playing field is changing.

P.P.S. If you've ever looked around for this kind of software or thought of trying to develop it yourself you already know what a great deal we've put together for you here. You get a simple software tool that solves a major problem, and it comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Click Here To Order The PUBLISHER Version Now For Only $297 $47
(all major credit cards and online checks accepted through our secure ordering system)

Click Here To Order The PERSONAL USE Version Only $67 $19
(all major credit cards and online checks accepted through our secure ordering system)
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