People are stealing your affiliate commissions before they
even get to the salespage you're trying to send them to - and
it could be costing you thousands of dollars in affiliate income...
I have good news for you, now you can use...

"The Redirector"

It hides your affiliate link so you can stop losing
affiliate income and track your affiliate stats too

From:   Mark Hendricks

RE:        Protect your affiliate links from prying eyes

Dear Friend:

One of the biggest problem you have as an affiliate marketer is people seeing your raw affiliate link to a product you recommend, they copy it and edit in their own affiliate ID to get the commission for themselves, and deny you of the affiliate commission you rightfully deserve.

And whether you know it or not, it's happening to you right now and it's costing you a bundle in affiliate commission income.

Please don't be offended, but to use a sophisticated marketing term...

This Sucks BIG Time!!

Hi, my name is Mark Hendricks. You've probably heard of me.

I make LOTS of money as an affiliate and joint venture partner selling other peoples' products and services, and I never ever use a raw affiliate link to refer a prospective buyer to a website, and for a few very good reasons:

  • #1 - You don't want people seeing the affiliate link - some people don't like to buy through affiliate links (go figure that one out??) - be aware that you should disclose your affiliate relationship due to FTC guidelines

  • #2 - You don't want people to copy your affiliate link and insert their own affiliate ID into to the link and make the commission for themselves and cut you out of the commission you deserve

  • #3 - You want to be able to track all of the traffic you send to an affiliate program in your own website statistics to make sure you know your sales conversion numbers on every program you recommend

  • #4 - You want people getting used to clicking on links that go to your websites

  • #5 - You want to be able to change where you send people if you decide to change the recommended affiliate program for whatever reason (I have lots of links out there on the internet that come through my site before sending them to the recommended affiliate sales pages, so if I want to change where that person is sent, it's just a simple edit that I make on my end of things)

Compare these affiliate links, which would you click? - or...

See what I mean? ... the second one is so much cleaner and doesn't look or smell like an affiliate link.

In the past I've just set up all these redirect affiliate links manually and I was happy at that.

Then I got a lot of other people wanting to learn how to do it, and I even teach my Internet Success System students how to do this redirect affiliate linking too.

So to make the whole process quick and easy, I developed an easy-to-use piece of software I call The Redirector PRO.

"It's so simple, an internet beginner can use it."

The Redirector software wizard guides you through these five easy steps:

  • Insert the title, keywords and description of the affiliate sales page

  • Insert your affiliate link given to you by the affiliate program manager

  • Press the button to automatically create the redirect affiliate link file

  • Test your link with a press of a button to make sure everything is right

  • Give out the URL address of your new affiliate link to your prospects in your emails, on your website, in your blog, in your videos and audios, and everywhere else you can promote your affilate redirect links

That's it... it's quick, easy and very effective.

PLUS... you can create these redirect links for use in...

HTML pages, Wordpress posts and pages, article signatures, forum posts, Facebook
posting, Twitter tweets, use on postcards, mailed letters, and use them in emails
too - actually anywhere you share your URL addresses you can give your
Redirector PRO links to people.

So how much does The Redirector cost?

A friend of mine uses The Redirector for making all of his redirect affiliate links and he thought I should sell it for at least $47.00, because it saves him so much time and has helped make him lots more affiliate commissions.

Now I don't know about you, but I thought that was a little high.

So I decided to knock off 20 bucks, and you can get your copy of The Redirector and start using it today for only $27.

But wait a minute, I've got
something even better for you!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to set your affiliate link cookies and have your prospect land on any webpage you want them to go to?... and without any trace of affiliate links showing, even when they land on the regular sales page!

You see sometimes, like when an affiliate program is run through ClickBank(R), the URL of the page you send a prospect to has the look of an affiliate link, even if you use the basic version of The Redirector I've told you about above.

That's why I've created my secret weapon...

The Redirector PRO

The Redirector PRO allows you to use my "Affiliate Stealth Technology" to send your prospect to ANY page on ANY website you want and set the affiliate cookies for that affiliate program without ANY affiliate link ever being seen in the URL window at the top of the browser or in the status window at the bottom of the browser.

Why does that make The Redirector PRO so special?

Quite a few reasons, but the most unique benefit is the ability to create "stealth" affiliate links.

These allow you to:

(1) set your affiliate cookies and redirect the prospect to any page on the seller's site, or even...

(2) redirect your reader directly to their pay/order link to purchase the product.

Why might you want to do either of those?

(1) if they have a squeeze page that requires your list reader to register just to see the sales offer, you can set your affiliate cookie and send them to the real salespage instead

(2) if they have a salespage that stinks, you could actually write your own, get their pay/order link and send your reader directly to order from your site and never have to send them to the seller's site


The Redirector PRO makes short and memorable redirect links on your own domain so you don't  get put on a email spammer list because you've use those short URLs that those types of people love to use.

I've only let a handful of my closest friends in on my proprietary secret method of doing this. And it's so powerful that when you purchase it today, you agree to not share this special code with others...however, you may promote it to others as an affiliate.

Plus you have the ability to optionally add analytics tracking code automatically to each redirect you make without having to add these codes manually, this is a big time saver (tracking is done with code provided by free tools such as or Google Analytics™ web analytics service).

As you can imagine, the value of this "Affiliate Stealth Technology" and the optional use of the instant-install tracking code is priceless, so it's more difficult for me to decide a fair price for all you get.

So let me ask you...

Would $197.00 be too little?

Would $397.00 be to high?

I tell you what, how about that instead of offering you the basic Redirector, I give you the complete Redirector PRO which does everything I've told you on this page for only $47.00 - then you'll have both of them to use in any situation you come across.

What the heck, I'm feeling pretty good today...

How about I spot you the first $20.00 and you can have the
complete Redirector PRO version for only $27, but only if
you buy today, I can't guaranteed that I'll keep
the price this low forever

"I Want You To Be Happy...Here's
My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

I have this rule around here, I don't want any unhappy customers.

So here's my personal guarantee...

If you're not completely satisfied with The Redirector PRO, then
delete it and let me know you'd like a refund within 45 days,
and your money is right back to you quick

Please Note: This Offer Is Limited

I reserve the right to increase the price and reduce the number sold, or even stop selling The Redirector PRO at any time, so if you don't get it now and you come back later, you may find the price has gone up, or you may not be able to buy The Redirector PRO at all.

Technical Requirements:

You need to edit one file of the script in a text editor, use your FTP
program such as the free FileZilla to create two folders on your
website domain, upload The Redirector PRO scripts files -
complete and easy-to-follow instructions are included

Click Here To Order "The Redirector PRO" Now For Only $47 $27
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We're excited to bring this software tool to you, and know you'll be delighted with your purchase today.


Mark Hendricks

P.S. If you've ever looked around for this kind of software or thought of trying to develop it yourself you already know what a great deal I've put together for you here. You get a simple software tool that solves a major problem, and it comes with my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Click Here To Order "The Redirector PRO" Now For Only $47 $27
(all major credit cards and online checks accepted through our secure ordering system)

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